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Cataract surgery can be performed only once in a lifetime on each eye…

I am often asked: “What is a cataract? What is a lens implant and do I need one?” When should I have cataract surgery?

The definition of a cataract is simple; a cataract is a clouding of the natural lens of the eye.

Imagine that your eye is like a 35 mm camera. In a camera, the camera lens focuses light onto the film inside the camera to form an image. Your eye works the same way; there is a lens in front of your eye that focuses light on to your retina inside your eye and forms an image. This image is what you see.

When we are born, our natural lens of our eye is clear, but as we age, it becomes more and more cloudy. Once it gets cloudy enough to interfere with our vision, we call it as a cataract.

It is important to note that cataract formation does not involve any kind of growth or film over the eye; it is completely natural event. Also, just because you have a cataract does not necessarily mean you need cataract surgery. Surgery is only needed if the cataract is bad enough to interfere with your daily functioning. I advise more patients that they don't need surgery then I advise that they do.

If your functioning is impaired from a cataract, then you may be a candidate for cataract surgery. My cataract surgery procedure is done as an outpatient, takes minutes, and it is painless. During cataract surgery, I remove your clouded natural lens (the cataract) and replaced with a plastic, artificial lens, called a lens implant. This artificial lens implant does the same job as your natural lens, and it can not be felt inside the eye. It will last the rest of your life in almost all cases.

There are different types of lens implants, and the one you have placed inside your eye will impact how often you will wear glasses after surgery. Not everyone is a candidate for every available lens implant. I have performed thousands of cataract surgeries over the last 25 years. I am passionate about making sure you know what the appropriate lens implant choices are for you, and for striving to achieve the best possible surgical experience and outcome.