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Premium Lens Implants

Premium Lens Implant Upgrade Options to see more often without glasses!

Thanks to advances in technology, it is possible to customize lens implant selection, choosing from the wide variety available. Unfortunately, few surgeons do this. Fortunately, Dr DiGaetano does! You may be a candidate to upgrade to a Premium Lens Implant to see more often near and far without glasses after cataract surgery.

Dr DiGaetano uses many different Premium Lens Implants, such as ReStor, Crystalens, Toric and others. Mrs. PR of Daytona Beach had worn glasses for seventy years when Dr DiGaetano recommended ReSTOR®Implants for her. “I’ve worn glasses since I was 11 years old but now I don’t need them for anything. Dr DiGaetano took a lot of time getting to know me and my lifestyle before deciding which lens I needed – and she picked the right one!.”

Dr DiGaetano recommended Crystalens® Implants for JM of Ormond Beach. “I can see a golf ball and I can read without prescription contact lenses or glasses. I see like I was 14 years old again! I’m absolutely astounded — it’s extraordinary — I’m very very pleased that Dr DiGaetano recommended the Crystalens.”*

Dr DiGaetano’s skill, trusted advice and experience have been sought by patients throughout Central Florida for more than twenty years.

*How often an individual with a premium lens implant sees without glasses depends on many factors, and most patients will wear glasses periodically.